If your business periodically pays $5,000 UNITED STATES DOLLARS or more ($400 M UNITED STATES DOLLARS upper limit per transaction, no limit on number of transactions) for health insurance or for healthcare services of any kind for any purpose (“HEALTHCARE”):

Through an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR you may pay an amount equal to 110% of your HEALTHCARE, to purchase advertising services from USPES, and resell the advertising to HOWSE for twice the price of the advertising.

HOWSE could deposit its payment into a HOWSE account with FIDES; to provide full recovery of the amount your business pays for advertising, to provide payment for HEALTHCARE, and to provide your business 10% of the price of HEALTHCARE as profit!

Your business may exchange the deposit with FIDES for an equal value deposited into coordinates your business designates, by your CONTRACTOR arranging for others to purchase (in the aggregate) HEALTHCARE  valued at twice the amount to be exchanged, similarly using advertising offered by USPES as the means of producing funds.

For significant funds to be exchanged for one or more businesses, in conjunction with income from buying/selling advertising offered by USPES, securities owned by HOWSE may be used to provide funding for exchanges, as per SHOWS HOW - CASE STUDY 1.pdf

You may recommend that Suppliers that currently service your business with HEALTHCARE, support use of this protocol for your business to benefit, by similarly eliminating their costs and increasing profits, or HOWSE could provide the HEALTHCARE your business needs through its Suppliers.

By using this protocol to eliminate costs and create profits, your business may support HEALTHCARE and emergency needs for others at no cost to those helped, and accrue profits!

For more information contact a CONTRACTOR.

To be assigned a CONTRACTOR send an email to