...Have been provided over $500 Billion in funds deposited to serve as guarantees so that firms interested in participating and banks interested in funding may participate with no risk!

These funds, which originated with TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC, have been deposited in an account for GREEN ENERGY FUND, which entity is charged with using the funds to support any company that may wish to become part of a team to build the dry canal or green canal in Costa Rica.

This effort will be led by a General Contractor selected by TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC and all other companies must contract with that General Contractor if they wish to use funds that have been or that may be provided using the TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC 2016 BUSINESS MODEL.

In the event that funding through this method and/or the services of the General Contractor are not acceptable to authorities in Costa Rica, the funds and the General Contractor services would be diverted to similar projects in other nations in Central America; in the event they are not accepted by these other nations, they will be diverted to the long-standing TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC project for a NAFTA-CAFTA HIGHWAY planned to stretch from a major city in Alaska, such as Anchorage, to the Panama Canal.

In the event the NAFTA-CAFTA HIGHWAY is impeded in any way, the funds and the General Contractor services may be diverted to other projects that may be selected by TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC.

For more information, contact the INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR displaying this information by sending an email to b.young@change2100.com