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April 20, 2020

The banking “back-lash” against CRYPTO CURRENCY continues.


So as to avoid conflict, it is time to bring LHP out of the “dust-bin” of our history and re-implement its use!

“LHP” is an acronym for “Low cost High value Product”.

LHP could be any CRYPTO CURRENCY if the CRYPTO CURRENCY is used as a commodity.

But LHP may be any product or service sold anywhere!

LHP was the embodiment of a marketing added value concept developed and presented in 1995 by U.S. PROFESSIONALS, INC (a Texas, USA, corporation).

But U.S. PROFESSIONALS, INC was disbanded in Texas and the name was transferred to the sports association that was incorporating as such, and the disbanded Texas entity was replaced in 1996 with U.S. PROFESIONALES DE EL SALVADOR, S.A. DE C.V. (“USPES”, with its acronym being interpreted as “UNIDOS SOMOS PROFESIONALES DE EL SALVADOR” or “UNITED WE ARE PROFESSIONALS OF EL SALVADOR”).

USPES offers UNIFORM ADVERTISING WEEK SERVICES (“UAWS”), resulting in advertisements being posted; which may be used as LHP because, when UAWS are purchased, USPES offers a 200% rebate.

                See http://www.change2100.com/GTD/contents/en-us/d3294_REBATES-FOR-UAWS-PURCHASE.html

At this time, the rebates are paid into accounts with FT ASSET MANAGEMENT, registered in UNITED STATES DOLLARS, or registered in SPURT valued at $4 UNITED STATES DOLLARS each; but rebates may also be provided, at the sole discretion of USPES, as registered value in any currency in any institution.

However, whether or not a CENTRAL BANK heeds the advice of the WORLD BANK and FINANCIAL STABILITY BOARD, and bans CRYPTO CURRENCY, any party subject to that CENTRAL BANK and that has SPURT, or any other CRYPTO CURRENCY, may sell it as a commodity to receive any selected currency of equal value registered in any institution the seller may choose, with payment being provided through TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC PAY ORDERS.


                See http://www.change2100.com/THIBMART/A PAY ORDER TEAM.pdf


See http://www.change2100.com/THIBMART/THE MOST BASIC FORM OF BUSINESS.pdf

The re-introduction of LHP, using UAWS as the added value product, allows anyone that buys anything from anywhere to recover expenditures paid by purchasing an equal value quantity of UAWS so as to receive a rebate that would recover the amount paid for UAWS plus the amount paid for the other items that have been purchased.

But the key is to learn how to use the rebates where they are provided or to learn how to use TEXAS HOLDINGS, INC PAY ORDERS.

For more information send an email to admin@change2100.com